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商务阅读Need to Read





  • 超过800个小时的B1-C1级别课文内容。

  • 文章内容涵盖商业和金融领域各式主题。

  • 结构化练习帮助学员流畅阅读,扩大词汇量。

  • 开放的《商务阅读》社区论坛,学员可以彼此交流观点,为课文评分。

  • 轻松打印所学内容,包含学习结果、学习评价和词库。

  • 结业测试评估学习进度。

Need to Read is a 3-level self-study course designed for learners who need to improve their reading skills, increase reading speed and expand their vocabulary. It offers topical reading lessons sourced from international business and financial news.

About Need to Read
Need to Read can be used flexibly as a stand-alone course, or as a homework supplement for students who need to improve their reading skills in business contexts.

Those who are willing to study 2-3 hours a week over several months will see a significant improvement in their reading fluency and speed, and will develop the confidence to express their ideas and opinions about what they have read.

Building Reading Fluency
At the start of Need to Read, students complete a short, adaptive diagnostic test to ensure that subsequent lessons are presented at the right level.

Each lesson begins with a warm-up activity to help introduce the topic and orientate the learner. This is followed by a focused reading exercise to practice both reading for gist and specific information. Students are then invited to reflect and comment on the content of each article, and share their ideas in the Need to Read forum.

The Skills Training section offers further practice with new phrases and words in context, and teaches students how particular phrases can be used to express ideas and opinion. A Word Bank is also included to provide support with new words and a review of key business concepts.

A final feedback section allows students to comment on the content of the lesson and rate how much they enjoyed it.

Need to Read offers:

  • 800+ lessons across B1 – C1 level.

  • Articles that cover a wide range of topics within business and finance.

  • Structured practice to help learners read more fluently and expand their vocabulary.

  • An ability to share opinions with others in the Need to Read community, and to rate each lesson.

  • Printable lesson content including results, commentary and a Word Bank.

  • An end-of-course test to measure progress.

Lesson Flow
Lessons follow a systematic cycle of introducing a topic, practicing macro and micro reading skills, stating opinion, and focusing on new vocabulary and usage.
The material is broken down into short modules so that students can begin a lesson, take a break and simply pick up where they left off.





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