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English for Business IVQ at Preliminary, Intermediate and Advanced Level

  Awarding Body: LCCI and NEEA for Overseas Tests
London Chamber of Commerce and Industrial Examinations Board (LCCI) was established in 1887, with headquarters in England. As the leading global provider of vocational, business-related qualifications, we boast 5,000 centers in over 100 countries, and more than 900,000 people take the examinations every year. In many countries, especially Commonwealth of Nations, Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong, etc, LCCI certification is considered to be a professional passport and a green-card to start a career and have been the standard of employment in most of the companies.

◆  Suitable Users:graduates from colleges and universities or people who are engaged in business affairs
Courses Book(English Version):55 RMB for each one
Curriculum Duration:30 periods for each subject
Curriculum Fees: 1580 RMB per person at each subject
Class Beginning: April 6, 2020 9:00am —12:00am

Course Advantages:
1. The course is designed according to the needs of each enterprise and we focus on the practical application of English;
2. Our course covers a large number of training on listening, speaking, reading and writing in a business context, which will really help to improve English of their staff.

Teaching Team:
1. Our teachers are well-trained, proficient in English and have more than five years' experience in international business;
2. Our teachers are good at heuristic teaching and introduce special cases to make class interesting.

◆  Employment Position: You can work for foreign enterprise, group company, foreign capital bank, etc.

Registration Methods:
1. Tel: 029-89198073-0   029-89198075
2. E-mail:; Please provide us with your personal information, including name, school, phone number and e-mail.
3. Website:

Lecturer: Mr. Zhang (Major in English)
His working experience:
2001-2003, department manager in several large and medium-sized foreign capital enterprises in Guangzhou province;
2003-2005, work abroad and be responsible for South Asia market development and maintenance;
2005-2008, operations manager in Xi’an for LCCI international vocational qualification
The main courses he is teaching: English for Business, Marketing
Partners: Emerson Resources of Science and Technology co., LTD, etc.

◆ Address:
Rm 1804, East Part of Nine Gardens, No. 202 West Section of the 2nd Ring South Rd, Xi’an, Shaanxi.

Notice: We may change the address according to specific situation. When you take class, please check with this address.


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